Why Colleg Should Not Be Free Essay?

Why Colleg Should Not Be Free Essay?

In general, college should not be free, because students might be unmotivated, lazy or unconcerned about their education. Having to work while going to school can be hard, but it can also teach students the value of a hard day’s work.

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1. Why college may not be worth it?

While college gives a candidate the theoretical knowledge that they need to understand what their careers entails, it does not give the candidate the technical knowledge that they need to perform the job and succeed in the job.

2. Why free college is a bad idea?

While never having to be in debt after college would be nice, the cost would not outweigh the benefit, ultimately hurting society as a whole. A major issue resides in the high cost of taxes associated with a free college program. Estimates of the program costs could range anywhere from 47 billion to a trillion dollars.

3. Why students should not pay for college?

Why Students Should not Pay for College . Students should not pay for their college fee because the higher education is very expensive and most students may not get access to it. However, it is important to pay college fees by a student it is much of significant free learning in the colleges since all students deserve the knowledge.

4. Why is college tuition in the USA not free?

There are at least nine advanced countries that offer free college, including the recent addition of Germany. There was a time in the United States when some public colleges and universities charged no tuition. However, tuition has never been set as a national policy — it is a decision for each school or state government officials.

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