Where To Bold Words In An Essay?

Where To Bold Words In An Essay?

Headings and sub-headings, for example in an essay or book. In the website example below, the heading “English Parts of Speech” is in bold: Newspaper headlines. In the example below, from The Times newspaper, the headline “Lehman collapse sends shockwave round world” is in bold.

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1. When is it appropriate to use bold text in an essay?

However, you are right that using bold is usually reserved for headings or very strong emphasis(think things like “Danger of electrocution — do not use under water” is an appliance user’s manual).

2. Where to use bold italics and underlines in an essay?

Where to use Bold, Italics, and Underlines? Bold is used to highlight the text and capture the readers’ attention. It could be used to draw extra attention to something important, describe emotions, or indicate actions. The bold tag is used for strong emphasis.

3. What is the adjective of bold?

The adjective is “bold”. So we can also call bold “bold type”. We use bold for emphasis, when we want to make sure that our reader sees and takes in certain words. The main examples are: Keywords, for example in a dictionary, where each headword is usually in bold.

4. Is it possible to write in bold in handwriting?

It is not easy to read a lot of words all together in bold (like this paragraph). So if you want readers to read your writing, better reserve bold for a few important words and phrases only. Bold is not really possible in handwriting, but we can show emphasis with underlining ( ).

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