What To Write On Bec Essay?

What To Write On Bec Essay?

The BEC test will ask you to write different types of essays. The test may ask you to explain a business process, for example. You also may be asked to research an accounting issue and write about it.

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1. How to write a good Bec essay for the CPA exam?

Although some BEC Written Communications are randomly pulled and reviewed by human graders, most of the Written Communications skills on the CPA Examare graded by machines. So, it’s important that you stay on topic. Use topic keywords in your essay. And, be careful not to copy the text of the question word-for-word or you may lose points.

2. What is included in a BEC written communication?

A BEC Written Communication might cover a range of accounting concepts, not just those covered in the BEC section. To earn points for this section, candidates must read a description of a situation and write a document that responds to that scenario.

3. How will the BEC writing portion of the exam work?

During the BEC writing portion of the CPA Exam, you’ll have access to a word processing program that will allow you to type out your response. And don’t forget to spellcheck before you are finished! How long will I have?

4. What topics are covered on the BEC test?

Finally, topics concerning economic events that can influence markets are covered on the BEC test as well: Economic lag: A change in fiscal policy or monetary policy takes time to implement. This “lag” is the amount of time it takes the government or the FED to respond to a sudden change in the economy.

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