What Is European Identity Essay?

What Is European Identity Essay?

Abstract This essay explains the concept of European identity. It provides a brief description of the European identity, its origin, and insightful facts concerning the concept. It defines the concept and provides strategies and causes of the European identity.

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1. How to define European identity?

Defining European identity involves answering the question of what I want to be. This question may result in assessing all the conditions, means, and contractions. Identity can be used in reference to individuals, and since individuals do not exist in isolation but in groups, and it is these associations that impact on their identities.

2. How did the European identity take shape?

Relying on its three inherent features, namely a constructed nature, an evolution parallel to the integration and a pragmatic conception by European elites, the European Identity took shape based on four main motivations.

3. What is the best book on European identity?

Sträth, B. (2002). ‘A European Identity: To the Historical Limits of a Concept’, European Journal of Social Theory, 5 (4): 387-401. Tsaliki, L. (2007). ‘The Construction of European Identity and Citizenship Through Cultural Policy’, European Studies, (24): 157-182. Vignon, J. (1999). “What Does It Mean to be a European?

4. Is the European identity a problem-solving instrument?

Finally, European elites have upheld a pragmatic conception of the European Identity. Whilst designating it as a problem-solving instrument, they have covered the European Identity among their top priorities, not least during the moments of crisis.

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