20 Badass Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

20 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic
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How to increase blog traffic is a topic that basically all bloggers should learn more about. Starting blogging has become more than easy with the WordPress platform. Once you get into that, then your next goal is to get the blog to as much audience as possible. We’ll address you when you say you don’t need an expert marketing team to do this, you just need to take a few steps.

Here are 20 ways to Increase Blog Traffic:

20 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Get to know your target audience so they know what they want

Before you start creating blog posts, it is very important that you understand your audience as well as what they want.
Ask yourself questions such as:

Who is your target group?
What problem do they face and how can they solve it?
What content are they interested in online?
What is the ideal way to answer the questions that bother them?
You can also go deeper and find out the answers to the following questions:

How old are they?
What are their interests?
What are the degrees?
What topic interests them the most on the internet?


Use keywords in your content

With keywords, your content will be better ranked by search engines.

How to research keywords:

Explore the terms used in the search
Find unique content ideas
Learn from your competition and get over it
Write more posts about what you are really expert in small detail. Don’t worry about the length of the text
There are many free online programs for searching for keywords or just start typing in a search engine and you will come up with more options than you can press. It is these terms/phrases that have been searched for, so they are good keywords and phrases.

The most common terms and phrases on Google are at the bottom of the search page.

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Create an editorial calendar

A good plan is already half the success. When you have a plan, when you write and publish, it will be easier for you, and your audience will know when to expect new content. Generally people like accuracy, so take advantage of it.


Create unique and useful content

Do not write about something that has already been written hundreds, if not thousands of times. Or write about it only if you can simplify the topic or show an easier path to the goal.

The most important thing is that the content has your personal signature and that it has not been seen before. Be unique!

Make the content readable

The text should be divided into as many paragraphs as possible and equally distributed (introduction, elaboration, and conclusion). Avoid long sentences and beware of grammatical errors.

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Set up SEO

SEO helps to make your site search engine better. Big companies use SEO experts, but you can handle the basics yourself with some of the WordPress plugins.

We recommend that you use the Yosta SEO plugin. Free Vizier is quite sufficient for smaller sites.

Your title must be GOOD

A good headline must stir the emotion of the audience and force it to open its text to find out more. It must contain the keyword or phrase in it.

Link in a new post of the old one

Often, your blog posts don’t go back to old posts unless you link to them in a new post. Of course, you have to do this with style, so that the old topic you are linking to in the new one is closely related because that is the only way the audience will want to open the link.

These links help Google create a link between your site posts, which will better rank you in search.

Links from other sites

When posting links from other sites, it is important that those sites are better known than yours. Also, when you link a word in content then you link it to the site that comes out on the first page of a search when you type that word. One more thing, it is best to have the linked word as the name of the site you link to.

If you put links like this, Google will quickly rank your site in its rankings.

Also, it is advisable that you have guest bloggers in your blog who will print some content for you and give them back in the same measure. If you don’t want to write texts, you can do an interview.

Photo / illustration posting is required

The audience likes the content not only to be “dry” text but to be “colored” with beautiful photographs or illustrations. Visually, it makes your blog post more interesting and beautiful.

Video clips

When the topic allows you, it is advisable to add video clips to your blog post. The audience is super responsive to them, so take advantage of it.

  1. Allow the audience to be active
    Let them comment on your posts and be sure to answer their questions if asked. Let them even sometimes write their own text with their opinion on a topic.
  2. Keep web design simple and attractive
    There are various WordPress themes you can use, so choose the one that best fits your blog content.
  3. Site Speed
    Site Speed ​​ie. the transition from one page to another must be satisfactory. Nobody likes to load a lot of pages, so work on that.
  4. Make a mailing list
    Using the mailing list is the easiest way to keep your audience informed of new posts and news related to your blog. Plus, they will consider such a shipment personal, so they will emotionally attach to your site.
  5. Share blog posts on social networks
    Make your new posts easily shared on the social networks your audience is a member of. It is also one of the best advertisements you can do for yourself, because if you are shared by an audience on your social profile then one of their friends is likely to share the text.
  6. Share old posts too
    Don’t just share new posts, but old ones too. On days when you don’t have a new post, share an old post on your site’s pages and groups on social networks to revive it.
  7. Explore the possibility of social networks
    Depending on the topic of your blog, choose which social networks you will be more active on. Each social platform has an audience of its own, so look for one that is your target audience to increase the number of blog visits.
  8. Participate in online communication
    The audience likes to meet you off the blog as well. To feel that you are “a living being” and not someone from a computer. Because of this, you need to engage in online communication, so sometimes you discover something from your personal life, whether in the form of written content or a photo/video.
  9. Create your own online groups
    Whether you use Facebook, Linkedin, or a third-party platformer, the group will allow you to communicate with each other, as well as you. This way, you will best find out what your audience likes and less like.

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