Sports Management Analysis

Sports Management Analysis

Organizing a certain tournament requires a lot of planning. From the players who will participate in it up to the championship game. It requires a lot of help because one person can’t do it alone. People need to extend hands to make it done.

This paper focuses on a local basketball, an inter-village tournament. Forming a committee for the daily night games were the hardest part because the persons should really commit themselves for the obligations. The first step was to gather all the names of those who will be the players. They will be categorized by how they play the game and thru their height as a guard, forward or a center.After this, eight teams will be formed with 12-15 players.

Next step is to get official referees to officiate the tourney. There will be two referees that will take control of the game each night. The table officials, those who will hold the timer, scorebook and be the scorer, will be the players who don’t have games for the night. Being an official means biases will be set aside. The commissioner will also be in the arena each time a game will be played.

Each team will be charged $100 to cover the officiating fees and other expenses. Now the budget for the tourney will be $800 and the total actual expenditure will be $400-$500 only.Teams don’t get to play consecutive games as the schedule will be team A will battle team B up to the last team in an orderly manner. Basically, the games will start at 5 in the afternoon and the next game at7 o’clock. Elimination games will last for 14 days the least. Top four teams advances to the semi-finals with the top team slugging it out with the no.

4 team and the second seeded team battling the third best team that finishes the eliminations. Both games are winner take all, so the survivors will be the main protagonists in the final game. Championship games will be a best of three affairs, with the winner having to win two games.After then the declaration of the most valuable player and the members of the mythical team who are solely based on their points scored during the eliminations and semi-final games.

Security was never a problem because all the players knew each other. All the households were invited to see every game, as to see their husbands fare in each game. Others gave food for the committee to tell them it was a good stuff to have a friendly game in the village. Plus, the tournament was done to gather all the residents to somehow get to know each other better.One of the risk is we scheduled the tournament in summer where the referees are so much busy for they have other leagues to attend to.

Teams who are obviously strong are scheduled on the primer of each night. Having a league in the village brings so much excitement to all the residents for they will get to see their child, or husbands getting into the game which is not so common for them. Holding a tournament like this will be such a great achievement as you get to converge all the people in the village and make them happy. Camaraderie to everyone was established and everyone get to know each other fully.One of the great things that can be learned about this is getting to know each other’s patience and character. After this tournament, one may think of having this as an annual affair (Zaino, 2008).

The success of this activity will be based on how the tournament ended. Having to declare a champion and get the nod of the residents mean a lot. To see that the games proceeded well will be such a great attainment. All the difficulties and hardwork will be paid off. Bringing smiles to the people is an achievement and having to gather them once every year is a nice thing to be proud of.

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