Romeo And Juliet Persuasive Argumentative

Romeo And Juliet Persuasive Argumentative

Analytical Essay Baz Luhrmann released the film Romeo and Juliet in 1996. This film evokes thought and emotion using sound and imagery. Sound and imagery is also used to show the struggle between the two rivalling families, ‘The Montague’s and ‘The Capulet’s’.

The topics that will be discussing are Costume, Sound and Music, Lighting and Camerawork. In Romeo and Juliet, sound and music is used to show the intensity of a scene. Sound and music is also used in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to show emotion and sound and music can put emphasis in a scene.

For example, stronger music is used for a more climactic scene, while softer music is used to show sadness.

This is shown the scene, Montague’s and Capulet’s on the beach. As the Capulet’s arrived on to the beach, the calm weather turned into a storm and thunder is used to show the trouble ahead that is going to happen between the two rivalling families, and when Romeo is in Mantua. The song Talk Show Host by ‘Radio Head’ is a slow, dull and gloomy song that is played whenever Romeo is feeling sad and lonely.

These examples of sound nd music show a perfect example of how they are used to evoke thought and emotion.

The costumes and clothes worn by the characters reflect their personality. Throughout the movie, the characters were all wearing clothes to reflect their thoughts, beliefs and personality which can shows emotion through the clothes that they were wearing. This is evident in the scene ‘The party Begins, at the Capulet’s mansion. ‘ Juliet went to the party as an angel which represents her innocence and when the Montague’s and the Capulet’s met at the petrol station.

The Montague’s ere wearing Hawaiian shirts which shows how relaxed they are and the Capulet’s wore suits with formal shoes. Abra, the Capulet wore grills with ‘sin’ written on them and Tybalt wore Cuban heals which represents there class wealth and self respect.

These are examples of how the costumes worn by the characters can reflect their attitude and emotion. The lighting in a film is a very big part of cinematography. In Romeo and Juliet, lighting is key to enhance the viewing experience and from the director’s point of view add effects and emotions to a scene.

This is shown in the scene, Romeo enters the tomb.

As Romeo enters the tomb, the entire room in dark, accept for neon crosses which follow the path and candles at the stairs where Juliet laid. From the viewers perspective the neon crosses shows a modern representation of the classic movie using light. Another example of this is in the scene Mantua. In Mantua, it in very dusty and it always looks like its sunset, which is used as a symbol to show that it is the end for all the outcasts which are living in Mantua. Therefore lighting impacts the emotion of a scene.

Camera work is the most important part of a movie. The positioning of the characters, the props used and the lighting can all affect the shot. Where the camera is positioned and the lighting can also set the mood of a scene. This is shown is the scene, Romeo at the beach.

Romeo is sitting under Sycamore Grove at sunset which shows how Romeo is upset. The views attention is immediately drawn to Romeo. Another example of this is in the scene Romeo at the beach. As Mercutio lies dead on the sand, there is a long-shot of Romeo unning to his car.

From the viewer’s perspective, this shows a sadness fuelled anger affect the mood of a scene. Therefore the movie Romeo and Juliet evoked thought and emotion using sound and sight.

Costume, Sound and Music, Lighting and Camera work were all displayed in the movie and summarised in the previous body paragraphs. Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet is an unforgettable film that shows that the children of two feuding families can find love and create thought and emotion using the sight and sound of cinematography.

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