Practical Top Winter Trends to Follow This 2019!

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Winters are the best time of year because when it comes to fashion and styling you got so many options to style up and add layers to your clothing like a fashionista pro. When talking about winter trends in 2019, these winters are full of androgynous style. That means you can mix up several trends, it gives you the power of versatility.

In this post, we’ll talk about some practical fashion trends that are for every age group. Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: This is a guest post from my friend Sumidha Sood.


Houndstooth blazer

If you are looking for a classic piece yet stylish and trendy. Then houndstooth is always and always a wiser choice. It is a timeless piece when it comes to talking about practical trends in winter clothing.

Everyone who adores fashion knows how important houndstooth is for your wardrobe. There are several ways to style up with this single print. So Powerful! Isn’t it?

Houndstooth winter pants

Shoulder pads/Puff shoulders

Winter puff dress

Another practical fashion trend that fleeks this 2019 is none other than shoulder pads or puffy shoulders. You can style in many ways with this trend.

Whether you think of including it in your wardrobe with a top, jackets, sweaters, and anything. This trend will work in any outfit you thinking of purchasing. Give it a try!


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Women winter suit

As mentioned above this 2019 is all about an androgynous style providing you more flexibility when you think of fashion according to your needs and comfort. This fits true as if you desire to style up with suits in chilling winter.

This season they are high in demand and the important thing that you can mix up two styles, patterns or prints. With this trend, you get your tailor-made and sustainable fashion piece customized as per your needs.

Feathers and Faux Fur

Any winter trend is incomplete with feathers and faux fur. This 2019 trend will add a feeling of warmth to your style so it makes it a more practical trend and is urged to be followed.

Be it styling of a faux fur with your dress or feather on lapels of your coat or jacket. It’s always gonna look best.


Letter jacket with fleece

At last but not at least, when talking about the practical winter trends, we can’t miss leather so far. Experimenting with leather pants and jackets is always interesting, as these are versatile and works with every winter piece of clothing you have in your wardrobe.

Hence, making this trend an important asset of your fashion list for 2019 winters. Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Practical Top Winter Trends to Follow This 2019!
Practical Top Winter Trends to Follow This 2019!

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