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10 Tips How to Make Click Worthy Pinterest Images in Minutes (Free Templates)

How to Make Irresistible Pinterest Images in Seconds
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The secret to Pinterest marketing success is simple – it’s about the images. 

The best news is that when you learn to create high-performing images for Pinterest FAST, you don’t need to have a huge backlog of content to see results. You don’t need a degree in design. And you DEFINITELY don’t need to spend hours and hours on Pinterest marketing every week for it to pay off. 

Let’s get down to how to make irresistible Pinterest images in minutes.

What Makes an Irresistible Pinterest Image?

It’s part art, part science, all fun! Remember, people are on Pinterest to open to new ideas and products and are excited to find inspiration as they search and browse.

How to Make Irresistible Pinterest Images:

  • Using a striking visual – a professional, in-focus image where your product or service is the focus.
  • Emotional resonance – make a connection by providing inspiration and information.
  • Branding – add your logo at the top or bottom of the image in the center. Make it noticeable but tasteful.
  • Provide context to show how to use your product or service – is it central to a time of year, time of day, a special occasion? 
  • Bold, clear use of a text overlay to convey your main message and help with SEO – provide some context. Make sure it’s legible on mobile!
  • The vertical format in a 2:3 or 1:2.1 ratio (600×900 – 600×1260 or 1000×1500)
  • Get our free templates 

Whether it’s a product photo you’ve taken yourself, images from a custom lifestyle shoot, or the perfect stock image, the background image for your Pin sets the stage for success – literally. If you’re selling a product, you’ll want to feature it prominently, but probably won’t want to use all product images on a plain white background. Try putting them in a real-life setting, photograph it from different angles, or simply show someone enjoying it in their lives.

Pinterest Images Make an Impact with Emotional Connection

Pinners love the platform and often cite the fact that it’s an oasis from the negativity of social media as one of the top reasons it’s their “happy place.” It’s a place people go to look for inspiration and ideas. Make sure your images foster those feelings.

Include Branding on Your Pinterest Images

While 98% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, Pinterest consistently reports that subtle branding increases overall Pin effectiveness. While no reason has been given to explain this effect, it could be that seeing that brand name prepares the person clicking on the Pin for the site they’re about to visit, builds trust and awareness, making them more likely to take action on the site.

Provide Context for Your Pinterest Images

Show people how to use your product or service. Show it in use in real life; and whenever possible, tie in a connection with an event, season, or an everyday moment – like dinnertime with family, homework with the kids, or starting your workday. 

Add Bold, Clear Text to Your Pinterest Images

Since most of your Pin description isn’t visible in the feed, let people know what your Pin is about with some helpful text on your image. Give them a reason to click.

Did you know that Pinterest reads the text on your images?!?! It’s true! So, make sure to incorporate keywords on your image. 

And while Pinterest can read your text, make sure humans can as well! Skip the curly, fancy fonts and stick with the easy-to-read text while using plenty of contrast with the background. Remember, most people will see your Pin on mobile where script fonts can be hard to make out.

The Ideal Size For a Pinterest Image

Pinterest has provided clear guidelines:

  • 2:3 ratio is recommended. That could be 1000x1500px or any equivalent ratio
  • You can go up to a 1:2.1 ratio before your image may be cut off in the feed or not distributed. That works out to be 1000x2100px or equivalent.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Content for Pinterest?

Make more.  Pinterest gets specific about what they’re looking for when it says

“You should create new Pins linking to your claimed accounts at least once a week. Consistent, ongoing activity is the best way to build a dedicated audience on Pinterest.”

For those of us strapped for time, the good news is that “content” can just be a new Pin on Pinterest! 

Make More Pinterest Images for Each Blog Post and Product Page

Isn’t one enough? 

I know, I know. When you hit “publish” on a blog post, the last thing you want to do is spend MORE time thinking about it.

Fortunately, creating multiple Pins for each post or product can be quick and easy, and there are compelling reasons to do so!

That’s right, the easiest way to multiply your Pinterest traffic is to multiply the number of new Pins for each page or post on your site or blog!

What Makes a “New” Pin on Pinterest?

For a while, we were told that simply changing the description on a Pin would make a “new” Pin, possibly increasing your opportunities for exposure and distribution. Many people consider a “new” Pin to be anything other than a Repin. While it can all seem rather confusing, the actual answer is quite simple.

A new Pin is a new image/URL combination. So, you could make 10 images for one blog post or product listing and have 10 new Pins! Or, you could make 10 new blog posts with an image for each and have 10 new Pins. I think it’s pretty clear which is easier to do!

6X Pinterest Traffic with When You Make More Pin Images!

A new image for an older post can breathe new life into your content on Pinterest and bring in more traffic, too. It’s not simply the result of giving Pinterest what it wants (new Pins!) either. New designs can appeal to different people, giving your content a better chance at attracting the all-important click!

How to Choose Content for Creating New Pins

Naturally, you want the best return for your time spent, so you’ll want to choose carefully which content gets a fresh new Pin (or five).

Use Google Analytics to look at winners and losers for traffic. If a post or page is doing really well, YOU capitalize on that trend with a new image. If the piece never really took off or the traffic is sliding, YOU make a new image to try to revive it.

How Many Pins Should I Make for Every New Post?

The answer is…as many as you reasonably can! But it also depends on the volume of content you have and your publishing schedule. For example, if you have 10 blog posts and you only publish one new post a month, creating 4-5 images for each post will keep you adding something brand new to Pinterest every single week. Consistent activity is a signal Pinterest watches for and rewards with greater distribution.

If you have 300 blog posts or product listings, you might just choose the ones that convert the best or the ones that are most relevant this time of year and create 1-2 new images for each. 

For every blog post, we create at least 5 different variations on the image, as well as the Pin description, then use Tailwind to schedule out those Pins using interval Pinning.  At the same time, we pick which image we think will work the best and add that to Tailwind Tribes

How to Make New Pins for Existing Content – Fast

Don’t feel like you need to start from scratch every time. Some savvy Pinterest marketers have image templates on hand that they can reuse for every single post. And you don’t always need to start from a completely different main image, either. You could:

  • Zoom in on your product or stock image
  • Rotate the background image
  • Change the text on the image to highlight a different benefit or feature
  • Mix colors and filters
  • Change text fonts and sizes.
  • The idea here isn’t to “trick” Pinterest into thinking you have a new Pin so they’ll increase your content reach – it’s to present your content in a fresh, new way that inspires people to click.

Pinterest does look for continuity between Pin image and the images on your page, so you might find you have better results if you stick with a similar style or color scheme, but test it out for yourself!

Try Templates for Faster Pinterest Image Creation

Speaking of templates – we’ve created a bunch to give away 

In Conclusion

There IS, in fact, a magic formula for creating irresistible Pinterest images that drive traffic:

  • Start with striking visuals in a vertical format
  • Make sure you elicit an emotional response
  • Feature your branding
  • Provide context and play into seasonality or everyday events
  • Use a clear text overlay to provide context and help with SEO
  • Make use of templates to make more images in less time.

So, what do you say? Have a few seconds to make great Pins this week?

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