How to Use Web Directories to spice up Traffic to Your Blog

How to Use Web Directories to spice up Traffic to Your Site
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You just got your blog online. Everything is set up and you’re able to go. Excitement is high and therefore the time has come to open your virtual doors to the millions and many Internet users around the globe. You set out the cyber doormat and declare your site ready for action. But, rather than sitting and watching the users trample over each other to urge to your blog, you see little to no traffic.

Don’t worry! This is often something every webmaster goes through and is to be expected. (Well, webmasters within the late 90’s expected to launch their site and be millionaires subsequent morning, but times have changed since those wonderful days!)

But there are some quick and straightforward belongings you can do to start building your ‘link network,’ which can ultimately help drive traffic to your site. Since the Internet’s conception, the notion has been that sites link to at least one another, while web surfers click from place to put. Thus, the challenge begins: Get your site linked to as many others as possible.

You can start contacting other websites offering to trade links (but be prepared to take a position tons of time); you’ll buy links (but be prepared to hand over some cash); you’ll join link-trading programs (but be prepared to urge tons of irrelevant sites linking to you); otherwise, you can start submitting your website to web directories.

How to Use Web Directories to spice up Traffic to Your Blog

What Is an internet Directory?

A web directory may be a compilation of web sites organized by category or topic. Most web directories have multiple levels of categories, progressing from general to highly specific. additionally, an internet directory editor will likely need to approve your site, lending it at a particular degree of credibility. Being listed during a directory ensures that if an internet surfer finds its way into a selected category, they don’t just see your competitors, they see you! And, if they will see your link, they will click it, producing traffic to your site.

A Web Directory Listing Helps with SEO

If you’ve got an internet site, you undoubtedly know the importance of ranking well in Google and other major search engines. These search engines count links from other sites as votes for your site, which helps determine your ranking, or position within the search results. There are tons of other parts of the algorithm and this brief explanation doesn’t roll in the hay justice. However, it serves the purpose that links improve your ranking, and that’s something every website owner must know.

A link during a directory that’s spidered by Google (and tons are) will count as a vote for your site. This improves your ranking, and once more helps drive traffic to your site. It’s important to notice that not all directories help with SEO. Sometimes, an internet directory will link to your site through a special URL that’s often a programming CGI script. If the URL isn’t an immediate link to your site, then the search engines don’t count it as a vote. Therefore, it’s best to select directories that provide an immediate one-way link to your site. (This way, you get more bang for your buck: traffic from the directory and improved program ranking.)

Relevancy Matters On Your Blog

If you trade links with random sites, then you’re theoretically building your ‘link network,’ but you’re sacrificing the standard of that network. Web searchers who are trying to find information on a specific topic often use resources that link to the spread of blog associated with what they seek. This makes web directories the right destination.

Since directories are categorized by topics, an individual can arrive within the directory and have one-click access to a spread of resources. you actually want to be one among those resources! Plus, when the opposite search engines devour your link, it’ll count for more since it’s surrounded by relevant content, which is presumably crammed with your important keywords.


As you build your link network, you’ll still see increased traffic. And if you employ web directories as your vehicle, you’re essentially paving more paths to your site. Several good submissions in popular directories will help get you rolling. the simplest part is that a lot of directories are free, so this jump start won’t even hurt your bottom line.

Good luck and happy submitting!

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