How To Trim Your Essay?

How To Trim Your Essay?

10 Tips to Trim Your College Essay

  1. Eliminate adverbs. Look at your use of the word “very” and “ly” words, such as really, extremely, truly, completely, and absolutely.
  2. Use adjectives sparingly. Writers often use adjectives to beef up their nouns.
  3. Omit unnecessary transition words.
  4. Replace helping (auxiliary) verbs and use a stronger verb.
  5. Turn some nouns into verbs.

Other Question and Answers that can be helpful for you

1. How to trim wordy phrases?

Trim Wordy Phrases Clear out the clutter in your writing. Look for needless words you can delete and lengthy phrases you can shorten. Original: During the course of the study, the majority of cells died in response to treatment with the drug. Revised: During the study, most cells died after treatment with the drug. 6. Choose Active Voice

2. How can I reduce the length of my essay?

First, create a clear thesis statement that allows you to narrow your focus and stay on the subject. Second, prepare a detailed outline that will define the ideas you want to include. Third, monitor the word count every ten or twenty minutes to see how much space you have left. Any other simple tips on reducing the length of my essay?

3. How to revise your essay?

When revising your essay, make sure every word has its weight and role. Wordiness implies using phrases that can be replaced with one or two words without changing the meaning or choosing a sentence structure with too many articles and prepositions. Also, some words can be deleted without any harm to the text. Let’s look closer at each method.

4. Should I shorten my essay without ruining it?

High-school and college essays impose strict word limits to which students struggle to conform. It can be challenging to express your opinion, describe a historical event in full, or tell a good story within 500 words. When it comes to reducing the word count, most learners find it quite hard. “I struggle to shorten my essay without ruining it.”

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