How To Quote A Drama In An Essay?

How To Quote A Drama In An Essay?

Here are examples of citations of common drama resources: Quoting Dialogue Use a colon to separate your argument and the dialogue. Start the dialogue on its own separate line Start the dialogue with the speakers name in CAPITALS followed by a period.

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1. How do you cite a play in a drama anthology?

Tips for Citing Drama: 1 If the play is in an anthology, look at the title page to see if there is an editor. 2 Always begin the citation with the playwright, NOT the editor of the anthology. 3 Italicize the title of the play. If the play is in an anthology, italicize both the title of the play and the title of the anthology.

2. What is the best citation tool for Drama students?

NoodleTools and the OSLIS Citation Maker are strongly recommended because they has source templates for images, audio recordings, video recordings, and live performances – all of which may be relevant to a drama student. For training in either tool please contact the Librarian. NoodleTools support is also available here.

3. How do you cite a play in an essay?

Family Name, First Name. “Title of Play.” Title of Works. Other Contributors (e.g. editors). Publisher, Date, Page Numbers. Works Cited Example: Beckett, Samuel. “Waiting for Godot.” The Complete Dramatic Works of Samuel Becket, edited by Dougald McMillan and James Knowlson, Faber and Faber, 2006, pp. 7-88.

4. How do you cite a video clip in an essay?

With time-based media like films, digital recordings, YouTube clips, and television, cite the time, or range of times for the clip or still image you are referencing in your works. Cite the time using the following format (Title Hours:Minutes:Seconds). Like a page number, this helps to direct your reader to the exact place you are referring to.

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