How Does Social Media Affect Social Movements Essay?

How Does Social Media Affect Social Movements Essay?

Social media has two types of influence on social movements. The first was to accelerate recruitment, mobilisation, communication and dissemination of information as well as to expand spaces of mobilisation which were not present in traditional mobilisation techniques (Eltantawy & Wiest, 2011, pp 1209-1210).

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1. How does social media affect social movements?

There are numerous ways in which a social media affects any social movement. Now these ways can be both positive and negative. With the emerge of people voicing up their support for a movement or cause, there is also constant hate and trolls being spread. People often tend to criticize the movements they are totally against to.

2. What are the negative effects of social media on society?

Another negative affect of the social media is that users shares too much information which can pose a threat to them. Even with the heavy security settings your personal information may spill out on the social sites. Posting your videos or pictures and copying your status is an easy task and can be done within few clicks.

3. Is social media mobilisation good or bad for social movements?

The power of social media mobilisation is a critical factor in movements that no one leads. At the same time, mass movements that are not subject to a leadership that claims to represent the ‘will of the people’ risk internal disagreements. This makes these movements difficult to negotiate with, but also easy to suppress.

4. How do people express themselves during a social media movement?

There are many discussions and debates happening simultaneously over social media while a movement is going on. As a result, everybody gets a chance to participate and know more. Moreover, there are certain ways a person expresses themselves during a movement. A trend starts and people who are in support, do it.

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