Health Care Summary

Health Care Summary

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In today’s paper I will be discussing why the healthcare industry sparks an interest in my life. I will be explaining what I want to see myself doing with the healthcare industry in the near future. My readers will have a better understanding regarding why the healthcare industry is alive today. After my readers are reading this paper they will knowhow and where they, can get valuable information in regards to today’s healthcare industry for the United States. My readers will be able to believe the compassion that I have for the field choice that I have chosen, and they will be able to see why I have chosen said such field.In today’s time and age the history of healthcare has come a long way from when healthcare first started in the 1920s.

Before 1920, doctors did not know enough about diseases to really provide enough useful care to the sick people, and they did not really charge a large amount of money for the services that they rendered. During this time there were only a handful of big employers who offered health insurance to their employees and the others that did not have insurance would have to pay for services rendered out of their pockets.During this time frame the majority of patients were seen in the privacy of their own home. Once doctors started to learn more and more about these disease and sickness they decided that it was time to charge more for their services that they were rendering to his or her patients.

To help with the rise of healthcare costs, Baylor Hospital in Dallas created a system, which one might know today as Blue Cross, which was to help people pay for the medical costs. What area of healthcare should one pursue in today’s time and age one might wonder.The world today needs more neonatal nurse to help care for these babies who are delivered. A neonatal nurse is a nurse who cares for a baby between those ages of one day old to 28 days old.

A neonatal nurse is a nurse who helps and cares for babies that have been born premature with birth defects, infections, cardiac malformations, and surgical problems. According to “Neonatal Nursing Care Info. ” (2011), “Approximately 40,000 low-birth-weight infants are born annually in the United States.Because of significant medical advances and the efforts of physicians and nurses who provide for very vulnerable babies, survival rates are 10 times better than they were 15 years ago. Neonatal nursing allows one to make a difference in the lives of infants and their families.

” Many neonatal nurses continue to hear from families and infants they have cared for throughout their lives. Neonatal nurses are the voice for the smallest and sickest of patients who have no voice. Consider a rewarding career in the neonatal nursing field and help make a difference.What are some of the positive and negative health outcomes linked to demographic indicators in the United States? There is an emerging trend toward overweight-obesity in poorer families today. This is, or course, not true in developing countries, but it is definitely seen in North America.

We have the means to mass produce unhealthy food in the United States, and this food is cheaper and easier to find today. The effect whether they are positive or negative depends on where someone lives in the world.In other countries there are not a lot of medicines or medical practices so the help that we receive here in the United States is different from that over in China or South Africa. There are many resources readily available in the United States today for individuals to learn more about health care. There are websites that one can go to and read up on the history of healthcare and how it has evolved from then to today. One can also go to a library and read a book and see how medicine has evolved in today’s day and age.

If one wants one could find a wiser person who has lived a bit longer than himself or herself and see and ask question about the medical industry from when he or she was growing up. I hope that in my paper there is a sense about why my heart and soul is so very compassionate about becoming a neonatal nurse in today’s society. I hope that during the reading of this paper I have enlightened ones knowledge with how the medical industry arose for way back in the 1920s to today. There are many areas in today’s we as people can further our education to help fill in these voids that we see every day.

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