Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day this 2020

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day this 2020
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 Guest post from my friend Sumidha Sood.

“Love is a gift you give everyday”. -Anonymous

Though every day is beautiful when you’re with your soulmate. But Valentine’s Day is even more special. The day when you celebrate love and adoration for each other when your efforts and gestures make them feel how worthy they are. It’s an opportunity to create memories and capture them. Gifts ideas are a great way to go back in time elapse and live those moments again.

So it’s natural that you want everything to be perfect on this very special day be it your gift, dress, makeup, or anything.
But most importantly choosing a gift is not that easy. To save you from all the hustle, below are some gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

Personalized Accessories:

Who doesn’t like personalized accessories?

Gifting personalized things is one of the wise gift ideas on valentine’s day and also it shows your special efforts and concern resulting in making the receiver feel really special.

When talking about personalized accessories, it opens multiple options to choose your own unique way to make your beloved one more special. Personalized Chocolates, Coffee Mugs, Passport Covers, Travel Organizers, Name Engraved Candles, Named Jewelry, Couple Name Engraved wall pieces or photo-frames, etc are some of the options to opt for when thinking about customizing things.

Gift Cards/Vouchers:

To pamper your special someone, GiftCards/Vouchers is one of the other interesting gift ideas for valentine’s day.

It’s interesting because it will not only surprise them but fills them with joy and excitement. You can gift online coupons/gift cards or vouchers to buy things or some services. Just imagine! all of a sudden your loved one receives the gift voucher/coupon from you making them realize you were thinking about them and they know how much you care for their needs.

There are many online sites that provide gift vouchers or coupons. Amazon and Flipkart are famous examples of this. Even there are some sites that allow the receiver to buy anything with the coupon gifted, for this you just need to do some search work.

Jewelry Pieces:

All gift ideas for valentines day seems incomplete without jewelry items in the list.
Couple Jewelry or Twining Jewelry is the new trend these days. A jewelry item is something you both can wear all the time. Every time you see that piece of jewelry, it will remind you both of one another. How cute?Isn’t it.

Couple Watches, Bands, Pendants or Chains, etc. are some of the great options these days when you want to twin with your loved one.

Unusual Gifts:

Trying Unusual gift items is another unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day. This is something you will not regret when you see a cheering smile on your beloved one’s face.
Unusual gifts will definitely race heartbeats and show the distinctive efforts you put on doing something extraordinarily. These gifts idea can include mini caricatures or figurines of both you or individually depending on your choice.


Generally, just one day is not enough to shower love. When you love truly, every day is special in itself. But even though doing some things particularly will make them feel unique. The idea fills your sweetheart with joy that there is a person who adores them, cares for them. By this, not only memories are created but will create a beautiful connection and sparkes up your life with bundles of joy, happiness, and soulfulness.

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