Essay On How A Job Can Cause Stress?

Essay On How A Job Can Cause Stress?

Causes of stress at work: Unhappiness with the work. Many people are currently employed as a means to an end. This means, people go to work so that they can earn and not because they like their jobs.

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1. Is work a stressful job?

work as stressful. According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Events Scale, which rates levels of stress, many of the most stressful events in life are related to the workplace.

2. What are the causes of stress in the workplace?

There are a variety of different causes of stress in the workplace and an ability to identify these as an employer is important because it will help in knowing how to deal with and correct any problems arising from it. Most of the stresses are caused when the demands at work become extreme or excessive.

3. What is stress cause and effect essay?

In this stress cause and effect essay we are going to discuss how exactly stress influences us, what forms it has and how we can fight it using different methods and strategies of stress overcoming. Stress is responsiveness of the body to overstrain, negative emotions or just monotonous routine.

4. What are the effects of high stress on employers?

High stress levels often cause or can worsen a long list of health issues, including heart disease, obesity, depression and diabetes. In addition to paying 50 percent more annually in health costs for stressed workers, employers are dealing with additional effects of stress that directly impact their profitability

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