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K-Beauty products have a cult following in their own right and for good reason. They’re well known for their fantastic results, come beautifully packaged, contain stellar ingredients and are very reasonably priced. But some K-Beauty products also contain similar ingredients to more expensive skincare products. Which high-end ones can you swap over for K-Beauty favs? Disclosure: …


Best Korean makeup products!

Korean cosmetics have driven the world crazy and we must admit, for a reason. If you have not heard about all the benefits of Korean cosmetics, we have to ask you – so what are you waiting for?

Cosmetics from Korea are based on the idea of multifunctional products and advanced skincare.

Why only have a powder when you can also have a BB or CC cream that combines? Just as the BB cream gives the face a satisfactory level of covering and smoothing of the expanded pores. It also acts anti-age, deeply nourishes the skin and provides it with adequate protection against negative external influences.

Korean Make-up products that made the whole world go crazy!

Take a look at three incredibly popular Best makeup products in the field of decorative cosmetics whose concept is slowly but surely taken over by brands.

Sleeping packs

Sleeping pack
From the Asian market comes a product that combines the best of cream and nourishing face mask. Sleeping packs are products of generally thick textures that are applied in bulk to the face just before bed. Then massaged into the skin and literally spent the night. The unique feature of these products is that they have a concentrated composition whose raw materials are rich in antioxidants. Whiten blemishes, and intensively renew and nourish the skin with the promise that you will wake up with literally new skin.

Paper masks

Paper face mask
Instead of the classic face mask that comes in a tube and most likely to be applied with your fingers. Paper masks are a disposable product that you use and throw away. Holes of the eyes, nose, and mouth are cut into the paper with delicate textures, and the paper itself. Is soaked with a highly moisturizing content, usually liquid, fluid or gel textures. They are great as a weekly treatment for deep facial care in the colder months.

Facial tonic
These tonics do not have astringent properties like regular tonics
but have a highly hydrating and restorative effect on the skin. They are perfect as an extra step in a face care routine that needs to be a bit “enhanced” in the winter months as they add nutrients to the skin without adding any extra layers of fat.