Blog Income Report November 2019: $4.658 Working from Home!

Blog Income Report November 2019: $4.658 Working from Home!

Hello and welcome to our November 2019 blog income report where we show you how much money we made from our blog last month, complete with screenshots and breakdowns of exactly where our money comes from!

started our blog just over a year ago, and we are already making an amazing income from it!

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Why Do We Publish Monthly Blog Income Reports?

This month I earned the most I ever have with my blog – woohoo! I finally broke the $4000 mark which feels pretty great. If I had taken a job in my industry, I would be making only about $2500 at best per month here in the Macedonia, which is crazy to think about. So, how did I make money online this month?
I’ll go more into the details further down the post, but it all boils down to display advertising, affiliate income, sponsorships, and my products.
It’s just too darn hard to refuse collaborations at the time – it’s easy money and you get great products in the process. However, as I’ve mentioned before, if you want to be making six figures within a year, sponsorships are not the way to go forward.

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So it feels good to make excuses because they excuse our inaction.

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But they’re lies.

While the excuses listed above may seem reasonable, they’re not.

What’s Up In November?

Some screenshots: MediaVine and Amazon Affiliates – my top earners. Note: I won’t be giving all screenshots because
a) It violates the TOS of some platforms like sfi and
b) There’s not much point in me showing you every single one of my screenshots if they are a relatively small source of income.

Total Affiliate Income: $4658

Work From Home Affiliate Programs $4.658

Tailwind – $10 (Annual Subscription)
Hosting – $29 Annual Subscription
Total Expenses: 539$
Net Income: $4119

Product Focus: Bluehost


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Blog Stats

Blog Posts: 15
Pageviews: 48,838 (±0%)
Pinterest Followers: 600
Pinterest Reach: 1 million

Do You Want to Start a Blog?

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Hey! I’m Elly mom of 4 kids, I started this blog somewhere in 2018 as an interesting means of noting, chronicling and expressing my ideas, projects, inspirations, and daydreams. inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel. Every day you can expect me to capture and share what’s inspiring me lately.
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