Best Outerwear Fall-Winter 2019-2020!

Best Outerwear Fall-Winter 2019-2020!

The upcoming fashion season promises to be bright and unforgettable.



The upcoming fashion season promises to be bright and unforgettable.

Unusual styles, bold combinations of textures, rich color palette will not allow women’s dresses to look dull and banal.

Letter Jacket

The most popular trend for outerwear for young ladies is a stylish leather jacket.

Combined with different sets and in each picture, the jacket is appropriate, even in tandem with a nice evening dress.

During the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 season, such outerwear will not be exclusively black.

The trend will be leather jackets in white, embellished with embroidery or decorative embroidery

Fashion patterns of delicate pastel shades will also be in vogue.

Printed dress

Truly original and unforgettable fall-winter bows will be made in duo with a lightly printed raincoat.

It can be a bold predatory print, a trendy cell, or a bright ornament. In all color variations, similar outerwear will look great.

Particularly popular will be cage-free coats and rugged raincoats under python skin.


The original cutout of the ditch, which looks like a cloak or cap, can be considered a new bright fall-winter 2019-2020 garment.

The new age trench is called havelock. Thanks to the unusual cut, the coat is very impressive.

In addition, this model comes in a variety of colors, which further appeals to fashionable women to choose just the option of outerwear.

Military jacket

A military-style jacket will be an incredible breakthrough for the fall-winter season for those who love street style.

Kaki, military print, rough cut in oversized style, pockets for fastening, cuffs, suspenders, belt.

All of which are typical military-style jackets.

Such a model can be worn not only with rough boots and sneakers, the jacket looks great with fitted jeans or a denim skirt.

Complemented by elegant shoes with a slim heel.

Artificial fur coat

Stunning fur, made from a piece of organic fur, has become an unmistakable hit of the top women’s fall-winter clothing.

And in the trend of artificial coat the brightest shades and even prints.

Fashion leopards, dots, cages and even contrasting hearts began to decorate women’s coats with interesting colors.

Noble green, red, blue and orange – he can’t fall in love with such fur coats.

A plush coat

The pleasing soft plush coat continues to guide the current Fall-Winter 2019-2020 outerwear trends among current women’s coats.

This plush coat has more color options.

In addition to the traditional brown and nude shades, there are also saturated reds, delicate pinks, and blues in fashion.

Short jacket

Among these autumn-winter outerwear, like fancy jackets, short puffed jackets have become a must.

Depending on the style, a short underside can perfectly complement even office or evening wear.

For example, a beautiful short-sleeved jacket with a trapezoidal cut and embellished with pebbles such as the Gucci brand will be the perfect pair of elegant dress.


In the current Fall-Winter 2019-2020 high-end trend trends, shoot stylish bomber jackets.

A similar model is presented in very bright and original versions.

The bomber jacket was decorated with fur accents, colorful prints and unusual tailoring.

You can wear a quilted, warm bomber model even in the freezing winter.


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