10 Awesome African Print Outfits You Should Have in 2020.



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2019 has been a wonderful year in the African fashion industry and we are expecting even more in 2020. So many beautiful African print Outfits have been made and a lot of newer designs are popping up every other day. However, there are awesome African print Outfits that one should seriously consider having in the wardrobe in 2020. 

Enough talk, let’s head straight to these awesome African print outfits you should have in 2020.

 10 awesome African print design

The beauty of this dress speaks for itself. It is a free-flowing maxi gown with a slit that allows you to show off some skin(winks). The sleeves are voluminous and add a lot of class to the outfit.

Awesome African Print Outfits

African print kimono jackets are a must-have in 2020. There are so many other beautiful jacket styles to try out. They have a way of adding style to your outfit. Kimono jackets can be worn to work or for a casual outing. Feel free to wear it as a jacket with a singlet tucked into a pant or skirt. Also, as a jacket on a gown. You can decide to make it a long sleeve or a short sleeve. 

This is another free gown style but this time is short. It is a simple yet classy style that one should have in the wardrobe. You can style this dress with a belt, which gives it a whole new style or without. It can be used as a cooperate outfit and also for a casual outing.

This single sleeve jumpsuit style Is new in African fashion and it is trending. The single sleeve is a style that always comes out stunning. It can be worn to a party and to work (depending on the nature of your job). Feel free to wear it with flats or heels.

This is a very beautiful and also simple Ankara style. The beauty here lies in the use of the buttons and the way the gown was wrapped. This can be worn in the winter (harmattan) season or if you feel the need to cover up. Flats or heels will definitely compliment this outfit.

Awesome African print outfits to have in 2020

This Ankara mix and match combo look so awesome, I am sure you agree with me. The short pleats pattern at the bottom of the skirt is also very adorable. I think this outfit is worthy to be in your wardrobe in 2020.

If you are out to look stylish in 2020, then you should seriously consider sewing this. The net at the top that goes way down to the chest allows you to show off some skin. The wrap at the lower part of the dress makes it even more unique. Try this out in 2020 girl.

This African print gown is another beautiful dress you should definitely try out in 2020. One of the sleeves is voluminous while the other is made of net. The gown has a unique cut at the top that makes it stand out from other styles.

Ankara shirt gown started trending sometime in 2017 and is still very much trending. Ankara shirt gowns can be made with either long sleeves (like the one in the photo) or short sleeves. If you are feeling like switching things up, you can use a belt or a waist bag, it’s your choice. It looks very stylish with snickers but flats and heels would look great too.

This is another awesome short gown dress style with an umbrella hand on the sleeve. To add to the beauty of the dress, it has the peplum style at the bottom of the dress. This dress can be styled to any occasion. You can switch between heels and flat depending on the mood and occasion.


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