Affiliate Marketing

Top Affiliate Marketing Company!

Affiliate Marketing

Top Affiliate Marketing Company!

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The SFI company is an affiliate marketing company, sells digital and physical products.

There are currently over 90,000 different products on offer. This figure indicates only the current product number as it is on the rise.

Average of 22sec. per new member, it goes without saying that there is a steady increase in SFI membership.

Disclaimer: Post contains affiliate URLs which means if you purchase true them i am earning small commission.

A job at SFI conceived (and realized in practice) as a fantastic blend of training and applied knowledge, which, as a final result, earns money.

SFI  affiliate marketing works with specific real products that make a profit from their sales.

It is also clear that this is an influx of concrete and healthy money.

SFI is not funded by membership fees or charged in any way, concrete sales are a source of money and profits.

Since 2009, the TripleClicks online store has been an integral part of the SFI company

If you’ve heard of world-renowned internet companies like Amazon or Clickbank, then you probably have an idea of ​​what this is all about.

Both companies have paid out billions of dollars to their affiliate partners.

However, what sets SFI affiliate marketing, apart from other similar internet companies is a concrete approach to each of its members.

Because SFI receives extensive support in the form of complete training for each new member.

This approach is unique and other internet companies do not have it or it is very poorly developed. Literally, at other online

no companies of similar activity, you are left to yourself and your knowledge and abilities.

Working at an SFI company is a real pleasure because anyone who is willing to learn how to make money

will be given the opportunity to learn through SFI and to put it into practice and earn a profit.

There is no limit to earning, or the limit is you.

How much you are willing to learn about internet marketing, how much you are willing to do it is up to you.

What is remarkable about SFI  affiliate marketing is the multiple earning potentials. It is divided into areas of interest so that you can choose the way of work and earnings that suits you best and what you have preferences for.

Top Affiliate Marketing Company!


Creating Your Own Team
Product promotion from Tripleclicks online store. A selection of over 73,000 products
Profit from selling your own products
Profit by bringing in other sellers
Earnings by promoting/advertising online auctions



Join me, Elizabeta Paunoska, and I'll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 21st year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

It is similar to MLM internet companies, but SFI has created and set completely different principles with which any similarity with MLM ends.

Team building brings you benefits because SFI rewards all the activities of you and your team members, and you earn a living there.

It should be remembered that joining and working at SFI is completely FREE.

When you develop a large enough team you have the ability to earn up to 12 levels in depth.

This means, in fact, that the team will work for you and bring you profits even during the period when you are prevented from actively working at SFI (vacation, longer leave…)

PRODUCT PROMOTION from triple Clicks online store

It is important to say that you are not selling a product but just promoting it, promoting it.

You have nothing to do with sales, billing, packaging, distribution, storage, product advertising.

Everything is taken care of by SFI and the specific seller.

You receive, from every product you promote, when the same product is sold, a commission that represents your earnings.

All proven top-of-the-line methods of doing this have the opportunity to learn through SFI.

If you have your own products or are already a seller, you can also sell all your goods/products online through the TripleClicks Store.

Opening your own store is completely FREE. You can sell digital and physical products.

You determine the price of the product yourself, and SFI only builds its share in the price.

For example, if you put the price of your product at $ 10, SFI will add 15% to that price,.

so the cost to the customer would be $ 10 + 15% = $ 11.5 when the product is sold to you goes $ 10 and SFI gets $ 1.5.

Which means when you form the price you won’t be harmed in any way.

You also determine the delivery method and where you are ready to deliver the product.

You can only designate one country for delivery, Serbia, Croatia or Europe, Asia…

The benefits of opening an online store like this are many. In addition to promoting your products yourself, a million SFI membership will help.

(SFI has over 1,500,000 members). Free advertising, free online store opening, a free website with your online store…

And very important thing SFI takes care of the payment of the purchased product and for that purpose, there are over 50 payment methods.

This ensures that every customer will be able to find the best way to buy the product. And to reiterate, it’s all FREE!


You can find other sellers yourself, whether in your immediate area or on the Internet.

There are no restrictions on what country they are from, and it is also completely free for you and them.

The best part is that when you bring in a new seller, you have a lifetime commission on every product that that seller sells.

Incredible, but by bringing just one successful seller, you can ensure a lifetime of permanent income.


Tripleclicks auctions are very popular because for a very small amount they can buy brand new products whose real value is ten times or even hundreds times higher.

An example brand new laptop sold for $ 3.85 and its real value is over $ 300. SFI also bears the cost of shipping for this product.

You can also make money from auction promotions, and how, in detail, can you learn and learn from becoming an SFI member.



The opportunity to sign up for FREE and start your own business for FREE and make money

SFI provides you with flexible working hours. You determine your working hours, when it starts, how long it is, etc.

Ability to apply multiple modes and make money

You get a fantastic opportunity to learn top internet marketing methods and apply them directly to earn your money.

The complete SFI site is full of very valuable information, instructions, tips that make it easy for you to work.

SFI offers you two extremely valuable and high-quality internet marketing courses that detail the work in SFI (LAUNCHPAD) and internet marketing.

SFI also provides excellent support which includes various useful tools, a forum, and most importantly extremely high-quality support from other members from around the world.

You will hardly find that anywhere else.

Our team also provided additional benefits for all members of the EX-YU area.

In addition to the support of sponsors and senior members, a special Facebook group (SFI BALKAN) has been set up and you have plenty of fresh and very useful information.

You can ask for advice or assistance at any time.

The real gem, of course, is the SFI webinars, which are held twice a week and where you can learn a lot about the SFI business and how it is specifically done and earned at SFI affiliate marketing.

Every beginner gets all the benefits to start his or her own business in a complete quality and successful way using this simple formula.


This is also the basic concept on which SFI is based

Earnings are calculated every 10th for the previous month.

Earnings are paid out by check, to your PayPal account, and through the SFI Payoneer MasterCard, you receive when you first earn $ 15.

Top Affiliate Marketing Company!

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