75 Journal Prompts For Self Esteem

75 Journal Prompts For Self Esteem

The adage says “He who cannot ask cannot live”. If you want answers you must ask questions. Journal Prompts For Self Esteem is a great way to improve your mood regarding yourself, your mental health, and your body. By getting any negative thoughts out and bringing more positive ideas to life, you will feel your spirits being lifted. Not sure what to write? Take a look at these 75 journal prompts for self-esteem that will help!

The following are 75 questions you should ask yourself. You can ask them now, and you can go through periods of life when you are less satisfied.

Journal prompts for self-esteem

1- Why not me?

-2- Am I a nice person?

-3- Do I want what I want?

-4- What am I grateful for?

-5- What am I missing in my life?

-6- Am I honest?

-7- Do I listen to others?

-8- Am I trying hard enough?

-9-Do I help others?

-10- What do I need to change on myself?

-11- Did I hurt anyone?

-12- What am I complaining about?

-13- What do I expect?

-14- Am I having fun?

-15- Do I miss opportunities?


Journal activities for self-esteem

-15- Do I miss opportunities?

-16- Do I care about others?

-17- Do I spend enough time with my family?

-18- Do I have an open mind for new things?

-19- Do I condemn others?

-20- Do I Take the Risks I Need?

-21- Am I risking unnecessary?

-22- What is my purpose?

-23- What is my biggest fear?

-24- Can I overcome this fear?

-25- Do I thank people enough?

-26- Am I successful?

-27- What am I ashamed of?

-28- Do I upset others?

-29- What am I dreaming of?

-30- Am I positive?


Journal prompts for low self-esteem

-31- Am I negative?

-32- Do I believe in life after death?

-33- Is everything happening for a reason?

-34- What can I do to improve the world around me?

-35- What’s the stupidest thing I’ve done?

-36- Do I sell for cheap?

-37- Am I stingy?

-38- Am I greedy?

-39- Who do I love?

-40- Who would I like to meet?

-41- What am I proud of?

-42- Do I care what others think of me?

-43- What are my talents?

-44- Am I using my talents?

-45- What makes me happy?

Daily journal prompts for self-esteem

-46- What makes me sad?

-47- What makes me angry?

-48- Am I satisfied with my appearance?

-49- Am I healthy?

-50- What was the hardest thing about my life?

-51- What was the easiest time?

-52- Am I selfish?

-53- What’s the craziest thing I’ve done?

-54- What’s the craziest thing I want to do?

-55- Am I delaying?

-56- What do I regret the most?

-57- Who has had the biggest impact on my life?

-58- What has had the biggest impact on my life?

-59- Can I take a stand for myself?

-60- Am I subject to marketing propaganda?


Journal prompts to build self-esteem

-61- Am I guilty?

-62- Am I reading enough?

-63- Do I listen to my heart?

-64- Do I give enough to those who have less?

-65- Do I constantly look into the past?

-66- Do I allow others to negatively influence me?

-67- Do I allow others to infect me with negativity?

-68- Do I forgive myself?

-69- When I help someone, do I wonder what I got from it?

-70- Do I justify that someone is always worse than me?

-71- Do I smile more than I frown?

-72- Am I surrounded by good people?

-73- Do I have enough time for myself?

-74- Do I care more about others than myself?

-75- Do I ask enough questions?

If you would like to share with us some of your answers feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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