7 houseplants that relieve your home of allergens, poisons, and smoke!

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Allergists breathe easier with ivy and ficus in the hallway, the ideal living room resident is a palm tree, and chrysanthemums will beautify the space.

But also clean the air well…

These wonderful plants will remove the allergen, poison, and smoke in your home.

Read below for what they are.

Ivy helps allergists!

Ivy helps allergists!
Ivy helps allergists!

Ivy is exceptional in the fight against formaldehyde, a gas that can cause respiratory and neurological problems.

Formaldehyde from disinfectants, deodorants, carpets, chipboards, and adhesives is one of the most toxic pollutants.

In addition to clearing the mucosal irritant gas that can cause dermatitis and headaches.

Ivy will also remove allergens and is easy to maintain – requires a bright spot, but not direct sun, and regular watering.

Aloe vera – easy to maintain!

Aloe vera - easy to maintain!
Aloe vera – easy to maintain!

Another dangerous air pollutant in the home is benzene.

A plant that fights both formaldehyde and benzene at the same time is aloe vera. It is easy to maintain.

Keep it in place with lots of light, such as a sunny kitchen window, say.

In addition to being great for purifying the air, the gel found in the plant helps in healing cuts and burns.

Also, the spots that appear on the leaves signal that the air is polluted.

Ficus cleans the air from dust, fungi, and bacteria!

Ficus cleans the air from dust, fungi and bacteria!
Ficus cleans the air from dust, fungi, and bacteria!

A multipurpose real small filter is a trick.

It cleans the air from dust, allergens, fungi, and bacteria, and neutralizes tobacco smoke, but also requires a little more care.

It should not be watered too much or too little – as long as the soil on the surface is moist to the touch, do not water it.

Do not keep it in a sunny place all day.

In the living room bamboo palm tree, and in the hall spatifil!

In the living room bamboo palm tree, and in the hall spatifil!
In the living room bamboo palm tree, and in the hall spatifil!

Bamboo palm is another great formaldehyde air purifier.

In addition, it maintains the optimum amount of humidity indoors. Look for light, but do not directly expose it to the sun.

The soil should always be moist.

Benzene will also be cleansed by air from spatyphil, a plant that is easy to maintain because it does not require large amounts of light or water.

Keep it in the hallway so that toxins do not spread from one room to another.

Number one against ammonia!

The palm tree
The palm tree

The palm tree (Rhapis excelsa) cleans the air from ammonia and is extremely resistant to insects.

It is thought to originate in southern China.

It is easy to maintain but occasionally requires trimming the tips of the leaves, especially when they are brown.

They beautify the space but also clean the air!


Chrysanthemums will not only decorate your home or office space with white, yellow and pink hues but will purify the air with benzene.

They like bright and airy spaces, so it’s best to keep them out in the sun with the window open.

Express clean air and absorb cigarette smoke!


Clivia is known for absorbing polluted air and releasing oxygen very quickly, as well as absorbing cigarette smoke.

For photosynthesis, it needs very little light, so it can stay away from windows.

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