30 Genius Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery.

30 Genius Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery.

Journaling prompts is a priceless tool for self-reflection and self-improvement. Our lives today are too busy and hectic and we have no time to sit and think about our experiences and our feelings.

But successful people all over the world reflect on their life daily and learn from their experiences.  And they often use some kind of journal to accomplish this.

I always thought in the past that I did not have enough time for journaling. And that I was too busy.

What I have realized soon enough is that journaling actually saves you time. It gives you focus and clarity you would not otherwise have.

And in this post, I want to give you a small challenge. Take any old notebook you have lying around and start writing every single morning.

And in this post, I want to give you a small challenge. Take any old notebook you have lying around and start writing every single morning.

Where you can capture your most important thoughts. It is a roadmap of where you have been and where you are going.

If you do not use a journal, you risk living aimlessly, without any direction and focus.

The prompts I prepared bellow are organized in a way to help you think about your past, present, and future. Thinking about your life that way will help you remember who you arewhere you are going and what your true goals and aspirations are.

30 Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

1. What was your biggest fear when you were young?

2. What activity gave you the most joy when you were young?

3. What were your goals and aspirations as a kid?

4. What is your saddest memory from childhood?

5. What is your happiest memory from childhood?

6. Using 10 words, describe yourself

7. What are the 5 things you are grateful for?

8. If you could change one thing about your life today, what would that be?

9. What are your biggest accomplishments so far?

10. What are your biggest fails?

11. What personal habits would you like to change?

12. What is something you would like to learn?

13. List 5 personal qualities that you appreciate the most

14. List 3 hobbies you would like to have

15. What are the 10 things you love about yourself?

16. What scares you?

17. What did you learn this week?

18. What did you most enjoy doing this week?

19. Who inspires you and why?

20. What makes you the angriest, the most frustrated, the most annoyed, and why?

21. What have you been procrastinating lately?

22. What was your most productive month and why?

23. What do you see outside your bedroom window?

24. What is one reality you need to come to peace with?

25. Describe your dream life

26. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

27. If you could change something in your life, what would that be?

28. What are your top five short term goals?

29. What are your top five long term goals?

30. What would your perfect day be like?

Final Thoughts

When you complete this 30-day writing challenge and answer all 30 journaling prompts for self-discovery, your work is not done. Hopefully, by that time you will realize how beneficial journaling is and you will want to continue.

But as you have been writing about yourself every single day it is now time to sit down, reflect and scroll through those pages. It is time to take a look at your vision of the future, and changes you need to make in order to make it happen.

Use that journal to create a roadmap. How do you plan to reach your dream life? What are the steps you need to take? Write down your new daily schedule with the changes you want to make.

Once you put that on paper, it becomes much more real. It also gives you the motivation to keep going.

Create your plan of action and start working on it today.

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