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21 Jobs You Can Make Money Online

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Business and making money online in 2019 is no longer news.

Anyone with a computer (or laptop) with an Internet connection can start making money online today.

I searched the entire internet and compiled a list of 21 currently the best jobs an individual can do money.

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Make Money Online order criteria.

Yes, you can make a living from making money online! (and very good)

Completing online surveys

Complete mini-jobs

Review and test websites and applications

Transcription of audio and video recordings

Voice sales for voiceovers

Sale of photos

Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Writing articles and texts

Graphic design

Edit video

Writing and selling books


Creating a web or smartphone application

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Stock Trading

Creating video courses

Become an Instagram Influencer

Become an Instagram Influencer

Web Store (eCommerce)

Affiliate Marketing

Blog (my recommendation)

Completing online surveys Make Money Online

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There are websites on the internet that show their users on a daily basis the surveys they need to fill out.

  The surveys are in English and cover a variety of topics.

After completing the survey, the user gets points that he later changes for gift cards at various services (Amazon, Microsoft Store, etc.) or paid directly into a PayPal account.

Some sites can only be registered with an IP address from America, which will require a VPN to register at all.

Doing mini-jobs Make Money Online

Sites that offer this type of earnings merge companies that offer mini-jobs and the individuals who execute them and are paid for it.

After you register, you get the jobs you need to do based on the information you fill out on your profile (essentially fill in all the information on the profile).

After successfully completing the profile information, a list of jobs you can apply for is displayed.

Reviewing and testing websites and applications

In addition to clicking on the screen, testing websites and applications involve taking screenshots and thinking while testing.

Yes, it is necessary to have a microphone for testing applications on your computer, while for testing applications on a smartphone.

it is sufficient to install an application that takes care of everything being recorded and that is practically it.

The microphone, along with a screenshot, allows companies to gain a better understanding of the tester’s thoughts and impressions when testing. Also, the tester is presented with questions on the screen that are answered orally during the test.

After you pass the initial testing, the companies send you website testing and smartphone applications.

There aren’t many jobs on a daily basis on every page, but you can register.

Transcription of audio and video recordings

Transcription is the process of transferring people’s speech from audio and video to text format.

The transcription of audio and video in English has been much sought after lately.

Anyone who knows reading and writing in English will easily do video and audio transcriptions.

Voice sales for voiceovers

Selling voice for voiceovers is the exact opposite of transcribing audio and video.

Creating a voiceover is a process of converting text to audio format. You can find the voiceover business on freelance pages.

When looking for a person who could provide voiceover services, companies often have strict requirements regarding the type of voice, voice color, accent.

Most jobs are for people who speak English. Many times, employers know how to specify that they are looking for people who come to speak English and come from some part of the world or country. For example, from the UK, the US or Canada, but this is usually not crucial.

Photo sales

Got some cool photos on your smartphone? Maybe making money from photo sales is ideal for you.

The procedure is as follows:

You sign up for one of the websites that connect the photo and shopper sales-
You upload your photos.
If someone buys/downloads your photo, you get paid for it in cash or points that you can redeem.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are people who help companies or individuals with some part of their business.

Such jobs can be research jobs, working with data, working on companies’ websites and the like.

Virtual assistants work from their home, remote. For most VA jobs, all they need is a computer with an Internet connection, and of course, job knowledge from ads.

Writing articles and texts

As you know, there are millions of blogs and websites on the internet.

All of these sites need quality content to reach potential customers or customers.

In the absence of time, web site owners are looking for interested people to write articles for their blog.

The need for writing articles is mainly in English language websites, so this job requires a good command of English.

Graphic design

Graphic design is not easy to get started. Before you start applying for graphic design jobs, you need to learn how to work in tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and the like.

In addition, you need to make examples to show your customers because they are much more likely to entrust you with the design job if they are familiar with your style and can identify it with your website and their thinking about how the design should look.

Video Editing

Video editing is a job that does not necessarily need to be done by the channel owner, ie. the one who records, and in addition, takes the most time in the video publishing process.

To learn how to edit video content, you need to invest time in learning how to work with video editing programs.

Writing and selling books

Writing and selling books is absolutely not a new way to make money, but with the internet, it is much more scalable because it is easier to reach potential readers.

At the same time, popular book categories are highly competitive, so more effort is needed to succeed.

Book publishers needed to work with publishing houses to do publishing, printing, advertising, and so on.


It is common knowledge that programming is well paid these days because it lacks all kinds of developers.

The programming jobs that you can find on the Internet are much more paid than the jobs we have with companies.

Over time, the jobs you find on the Internet, which go into long-term collaboration, can eventually completely replace your permanent job.

Creating a web or smartphone application Make Money Online

If you have an idea for an application or website that solves a user’s problem, you can implement it and make extra money on it.

If the idea is really good, it can start generating great revenue. This will allow you to quit, and devote your full time to your online business.

You don’t have to know how to program to come up with an idea. If you know how to program, you can build the first version of the application yourself.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies Make Money Online

Investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is not an active type of earnings like all of the above where you work hard to change your time for money.

This is a passive way of earning money where it works for you. It is not necessary to do any work, it is necessary to exchange money for one of the cryptocurrencies and simply wait.

The value of cryptocurrency changes over time depending on current demand. If demand is high, the price goes up because people are ready to buy cryptocurrencies for more money than when demand is weaker.

Stock trading Make Money Online

Earnings by trading stocks are very similar to earnings from cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrencies are traded in “fictitious” internet currencies, while shares are traded in shares (shares) of real companies.

Profit is also passive. After you buy stocks with money you don’t necessarily need for a living and you won’t be sorry if you completely lose it, you have to wait until the stock prices go up.

Video courses Make Money Online

Earning money from creating and selling video courses can be great considering it is about selling info products.

When selling an information product, information is sold, which means that the seller does not incur any costs associated with the delivery and production of the product as with the physical product.

If you have specific knowledge (information) that solves a problem (such as how to lose weight, eat healthily, make money driving an Uber, etc.), you can monetize that knowledge by creating and selling a video course.

Instagram influencer Make Money Online

An influencer is a person who gathers an audience for the content they post on their profiles on social networks, Youtube (YouTuber) or blog (Blogger).

In case a person gathers followers on Instagram, we call her Instagram influencer.

Instagram influencers post pictures (and captions below) of some topics that many people might like. These can be fitness, travel, lifestyle, and more.

If the content is quality and engaging, other people start following them with the goal of seeing the quality content again on their profile, the new content generates new followers, and so on.

Youtuber Make Money Online

If you ask kids what they would like to be when they grow up, the most common answer is YouTuber!

YouTubers are people who have a YouTube channel and publish content through it that they collect followers, so-called.

After a certain number of subscribers and hours of videos watched, each channel can become a YouTube partner.

Partners have the ability to activate video ads on their channels from which they make money.

To make money from YouTube ads, you need to publish quality content that will be watched and that will attract new subscribers to the channel.

If no one watches the video content that is posted, there is no profit.

The job of producing and publishing quality video is not easy. In order to produce quality videos, one must have the knowledge and equipment to record it and invest time in producing the video.

Web Store (eCommerce webshop) Make Money Online

Opening an online store is one of the first ways that come to mind (with blog earnings from ads) when it comes to making money online.

E-Commerce is not much different from regular e-commerce, except that the sale takes place through the webshop and the products are delivered to the customer by mail.

If you decide to open an online store, it is important to know that in addition to selling the products you make yourself, you can also sell those made by someone else in the store.

A good tip is to start reselling your product first AND Make Money Online

Once you see which products are selling well, you can start making them yourself so that that part of the profit that goes to the manufacturer stays with you.

Affiliate marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission after recommending a product to customers.

The one who makes money through affiliate marketing is actually the middleman between the buyer and the store.

that sells the products, and after the sale of the product receives a cash consideration for the sale.

Affiliate marketing allows individuals to make money by selling products to their escorts without having to invest the time, money, and labor to produce them.

Affiliate products are already marketed and probably sell well, so you don’t have to figure out ways to sell them, but need to make them known to the audience who need them.


Sugar, in the end, making money online from the blog.

There are various ways to make money on a blog.

Generally, bloggers publish their knowledge of a topic through articles on their blog. The articles bloggers write are usually solutions to a problem that potential audiences have.

The articles are publicly available on the internet so that anyone can find them.

People with an interest in blog topics find articles, most often through Google.

Each blog page shows advertisements that readers can click on in case they are interested in the product being promoted.

When readers click on an ad, the blog owner receives monetary payment for associating the potential buyer with the advertiser.

The great advantage of a blog over other ways is that multiple blogging methods can be combined in a blog. (some have already been mentioned in this article)

In addition to advertising, a blog can earn money through:

Affiliate Marketing
By selling info products
By selling physical products
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Before you start making a blog, it’s important to know that the blog is fully owned by you.

No one can take away your readers who come to your blog every day that can earn you almost forever.

Now it’s your turn!

I hope you find at least one for yourself from the internet jobs listed.

If you are just starting out, write down in the comment about what you are going to try first and why exactly (easy, good and fast earnings, etc.)?

If you have tried any of the jobs, write your online experience below in the comments of this post.

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