20 Basic Tips for Good Mental Health

20 Basic Tips for Good Mental Health
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Most of the tips below will help you solve at least one life problem and thus maintain good mental health and in challenging situations.

20 Basic Tips for Good Mental Health

-1- Don’t forget your basic needs: Food and sleep

Before you can even tackle a challenging life situation, you must start your day full of energy. Feeling tired and hungry will make many problems look worse. So when you go to bed turn off your brain and sleep, and when you eat enjoy the food and remember to eat regularly, three meals a day.

-2- Listen to your body and breathe

Take some time each day to listen to what your body is telling you. If you feel tension and stress build-up, don’t ignore the signals. Try to neutralize the symptoms before they escalate. If you are stressed and anxious, breathe deeply and focus on your relaxation and relief. A little time to relax and breathe deeply may be the most helpful tip to stop the stress cycle.

-3- Happiness does not depend on money

Personal happiness is not dependent on money and is not related to wealth. Many studies show that people think that happiness is dependent on the amount of money in their account, but they also show that they are wrong and that happiness has nothing to do with money. Those who think that they just don’t have enough money to be happy, when they have more money, they will find another reason why they cannot be happy.

-4- Don’t forget to laugh for better mental health

Even forced laughter in a laboratory setting brought a positive mood. Read jokes, watch comedies, and instead of criticizing, laugh at your own and others’ accounts.

-5- Find what you are thankful for mental health

Take the time and thank yourself for what you have. Thank other people who do you a favor. You need to know that gratitude is not about ignoring the problems that many think or denying anger, but rather making them aware that there are both good and bad things in life, and that because of the bad ones you should not forget to look at the good ones.

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-6- Activate

Physical activity is good for the body as well as for mental health. Regular exercise gives you energy, improves mood, relieves stress, anxiety, and depression. Once you get into it, you will realize how fun exercise is.

-7- Be responsible and moderate with alcohol

People who drink above the weekly recommended maximum have many more mental problems as well as other health risks.

-8- Engage in meaningful and creative activities for mental health

Do things that create a creative challenge and make you feel more productive, regardless of whether you pay to do them or you pay to deal with them. Things like drawing, singing, creating, making and the like, in a word, are essential for mental health.

-9- Do what you love for better mental health

To be good at something you have to do your best. Few people are born as children with some talent. For most things, you are not born but exercised. If you love something you have to work hard and exercise to be good at it.

-10- Make fun a priority, not an efficiency


Make your pleasant and beautiful moments a priority. Do the things you love for no apparent reason. Walk along the coast, listen to music, read a good book … Choose anything you love and do it often.

-11- Get lost

Sometimes it’s good to engage in activities that make you lose the sense of space and time. After these activities, you feel fuller and calmer. It can be knitting, meditation, playing … Anything that thrills you.

-12- Don’t let a little anxiety stop you

Many people avoid engaging in activities that they like and that are good for them for their nerves. The things that make you a little nervous make your nerves stronger and make you bolder. However, avoid activities after which nervousness lasts more than 15 minutes. If the matches get you so nervous that you’re nervous all day, stop watching them, but with a little nervousness, you get stronger.

-13- Set realistic goals for yourself

Break big goals into smaller steps or tasks, because smaller tasks are much easier to accomplish and make progress easier. This way, your motivation will not subside and you will have a constant sense of achievement.

-14- Focus on what matters, ignore the little things

Define 5 things that matter to you. For example. graduate from college, find a good job, get along with a boyfriend, preserve your health and appearance, and keep a circle of friends. When you know what your priorities are, you won’t be spinning in a circle doing insignificant things while ignoring what is very important to you.

If your priorities are to keep in touch with your friends, do not neglect them to play computer games or play the nanny to a relative who takes advantage of you. If your priority is not one day to be a super hostess and delight the wider family with your recipes, do not bother with mastering the cooking of complicated dishes, but learn basic meals that are sufficient for a healthy life. Eliminate most activities that do not contribute to your most important goals, because they are time-consuming and bring neither benefit nor pleasure.

-15- Avoid conversations about weight and appearance

Talk about weight, appearance, and pressure to be thin results in dissatisfaction with your own body. Of course, such conversations are hard to avoid. Some women may think that by avoiding this topic, others may think that they are not fashionable, but conversations about topics of appearance and body are almost always pointless.

-16- Train your brain

Learning new things and constant curiosity keeps the brain healthy and functional.

-17- Defeat yourself, not others

This is a competitive world and we can often feel the pressure of being better than others, however, it would be much better to keep track of your progress. Always strive to be better than last year in what you do. It is a much healthier motive than to be better than those around you.

-18- Collaborate

Join groups that are interested in the same activities and goals. This way you are surrounded by people who like at least one thing the same as you, which is already a great starting point. Meet the people you work with to increase your satisfaction with life in general.

-19- Remember that business is not everything

And while work is a very important factor in life, it is important to find a good balance of work and other things. Everything is important in life: work, learning and personal development, family, love, hobbies and the social circle. Sometimes things will work out better for you in another life stage of another thing, but it’s important to keep your balance in mind, so don’t think that if you don’t want one thing, you don’t deserve the others. Spread the energy evenly.

-20- Volunteer

When you do something good for others, you do good for yourself. There are no limits to where you can help, you just have to activate yourself and find where you can help.

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