12 Genuine Elements For Luck

12 Elements For Luck
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If you want to be happy and satisfied you have to approach life with an attitude. Research has shown that the most important thing is to adhere to these 12 characteristics:

12 Elements For Luck


Embracing all life experiences, even those painful ones, with the idea that something good. Must come from all this is how optimists work. One study from the University of Massachusetts found that people who were accidentally paralyzed were more hopeful than lottery winners. The reason for this is that tragedy allows people to realize that most things in life are not worth considering as problems. To think of a “half-full glass”, try to turn bad experiences from the past into your own benefits in the long run.


Having compassion for the people in your life and knowing that you care about someone is the greatest for happiness. Argues Dan Baker, the co-author of What Happy People Know. Whether it is the excitement of romantic love or caring parenting, a sense of togetherness ensures belonging and enhances life’s joy. Share every free moment with your loved ones.


Being brave means behaving in accordance with personal values. “If you act contrary to your beliefs, you will make money with yourself,” Baker said. Commit to the things that are important to you, a sense of pride will add to your satisfaction.


Research has shown that people who consider themselves independent and self-governing are three times more likely to be satisfied with their lives. These people are aware that they have a choice to make whenever they are in an unsuitable situation.


The happiest people are always on the lookout for new experiences, thanks to their natural craving for life. To fuel your inner passions, Baker advises making one mistake every day. This will encourage you to try new experiences that you would otherwise avoid for fear of failure.


Security involves feeling good about the environment in which you live. Happy people simply love being who they are. They are not slaves to popularity or financial status.

Good health

Body and mind are connected, so taking care of yourself and under and above your neck significantly contributes to the feeling of happiness. Health does not necessarily mean being fit, but being able to live to the fullest. Move, walk, dance or play Frisbee regularly – this mild physical activity releases endorphins and increases serotonin levels.


People who have a more pronounced spiritual side are more satisfied than others. This fact reminds us that life may have a deeper meaning beyond the known. Scientists claim that religion has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. People who pray regularly are less likely to suffer from hypertension, anxiety, and depression.


Selfless giving without expectation is one of the easiest ways to feel good. Altruism connects you to others, gives you purpose. Your positive influence on the lives of others diminishes all the negative things that happen to you.


To view the world from a positive point, scientists advise comparing a bad situation with an even worse scenario that could have happened. For example, waking up for work at 5 am is a real hassle, but worse would be getting up for a job you don’t like or even having no job at all.


Laughter leads to psychological changes that make you feel good. It triggers serotonin and dopamine, while at the same time cortisol stress hormone levels drop. Try to experience at least one funny situation every day.


Having a reason to get out of bed each morning is one of the biggest incentives for pleasure. Some find their purpose in being a good parent or spouse, others in their profession. It’s completely individual, but it’s important that it’s something that fills you. When you are unsure of your purpose, let it become the goal to find it.



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