10 Pieces Of Wardrobe You Always Need!

10 Pieces Of Wardrobe You Always Have To Have In The Wardrobe

Do not think of “super” pieces as they will always attract your eyes and make you open your wallet! Think about the basic pieces of clothing you need to have …

10 Pieces Of Wardrobe You Always Have To Have In The Wardrobe

Black grilles

An indispensable part of the ridge during the fall and winter. Drop those from last year and buy two or three new pairs.

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Denim jacket

If you don’t have a denim jacket, it’s time to buy one. They are worn again, and are a great solution for days when it’s ok to go in summer dresses, but you still need to dress something just in case. The ones in color are worn, but if you don’t want to wear them for one season only, choose the classic darker denim model.

This garment is rarely worn because it often looks unattractive and inappropriate, but when properly combined, it gives a special stamp to your style …

Turtleneck Sweater

It goes great with skirts, pants, jeans. Choose from fine wool or a mixture of wool and viscose or cotton, a smooth weave in some neutral color so it doesn’t limit you in combining. Black or navy, gray or beige, for example.

Black boots

Classic. Quality, leather black boots are always a good investment. If you are shopping for new ones this season, do not rush in, and buy the first ones you like, search until you find some that will be perfectly comfortable for you. It is as important as it is to have a nice fit.

And, when you buy them, pay attention: if they have a leather sole (which is a great option), take them to a shoemaker for them to glue a very thin rubber to you before you start wearing them. It will take longer.

White shirt

The same applies to a white T-shirt here. It has to be white “like snow” and it has to stand for you. If the one you have in your closet has changed, changed color or collars and cuffs have failed, it’s time for a new one.

Black Leggings

Not workout pants, but a pair of quality workwear pants that you can combine with those boots we mentioned above, tunics or longer blazers and shirts, on less formal occasions.


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